About Us

The Duha Group is a world-renowned marketing and manufacturing expert, specializing in the development and production of colour marketing tools intended for various industries in 6 continents. Throughout the journey to become a world class industry leader, members of the Duha team discovered the concept of Lean Management principles, which has undoubtedly been the single most important driving force to the company’s success. During our Continuous Improvement Journey we have developed many techniques and tools in order to drive our Continuous Improvement programs, and we believe in our system so strongly that we decided to share it with the world with the creation of the Duha Center of Excellence. 

The Duha Operating System is designed to link the various day-to-day activities within the Duha Group supply chain to a Continuous Improvement focused environment, in which employees use system-specific tools to improve and eliminate waste. This philosophy extends to suppliers and customers. 

The Duha Center of Excellence system has been used successfully and trained in over 100 companies in all services and industries.

With a shared vision of “One Improvement in Every Department Every Day,” we will never be content or stopped in the pursuit of excellence.