Who We Are

The Duha Operating System was established and designed in 2001 to link the day-to-day activities within the Duha Group supply chain to a Continuous Improvement focused environment. The Duha Operating System encourages its employees to use a system specific tool to improve and eliminate waste. This philosophy extends to our businesses in eight countries as well as our many suppliers and customers within our value stream.

Driven by our shared vision of “One improvement every day in every department through teamwork and communication”, we have implemented over 40,000 opportunities and will never be content in our pursuit of excellence.

From this internal initiative the Duha Center of Excellence (DCOE) System, was introduced in 2006 in response to increased external demand from businesses seeking assistance in their Continuous Improvement strategies. Since then, the DCOE has been fortunate to successfully partner and support over 180 companies across all industries, sharing best practices and supporting their journey.