Leadership Development

    • What leadership competencies are critically important to your organization?
    • Would strengthening certain leadership competencies within your organization have a positive impact on your organization?
    • Are their people within your organization in leadership roles that have never taken any leadership training?
    • Are their people in your organization being mentored by someone that has never taken any leadership training?
    • Do you know how your people's style, strength, and weaknesses align to the most critical leadership competencies?
    • Is your organization in need of a practical way to enhance leadership skill?

    In almost any organization, it is the people that truly make the difference. People have different styles, strengths, and weaknesses; the purpose of the Leadership Development stream is to help organizations develop their people by using a structured approach that is aligned to the organization's needs. The full Leadership Development Program contains up to 320 training hours formed by a compilation of material/subjects that can become a tailored program. The delivery approach is typically a combination of group training and 1-on-1 coaching. The purpose of this stream is to help people realize their potential and to create win-win scenarios between people and their employers.


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