Strategic Execution

  •  What is the big goal for your organization?
  • How many people in your organization are actively engaged and working on making this goal a reality?
  • What has to be accomplished in the next 3 years, the next 12 months, the next 90 days? By who?
  • Do you feel more accountability to just getting stuff done is needed?
  • Do you have enough capacity to meet your short term and long term growth plans? Is there alignment?
  • Does your organization have full alignment to the big goal, purpose, and values?


More than 85% of organizations fail to execute their strategy successfully. The Strategy & Execution stream involves "painting a picture" as to where the organization wants to go long term, milestones that must be met, and what needs to be achieved in 90-day increments. In most cases, organizations already have pieces in place relative to what is addressed within this stream; a tailored approach is often required to focus on an organization's specific needs.

This stream focuses on the organization's Vision, Plan, critical gaps, the necessary rhythms, and providing a layer of accountability to execution.


Capacity & Facility Planning

  • What is your current capacity? What does your capacity need to be to support your growth plans?  
  • What is required to unlock your full capacity? Is this a physical challenge or a process challenge, or both?
  • What % of your available production time is absorbed with non-value added activity?
  • How much space do you need to operate efficiently? Has your current space been optimized?
  • Will planning and managing a relocation be disruptive to your business? Do you have the necessary resources available?
  • What other positive changes could dovetail a new layout implementation or facility move?


The physical arrangement of work dictates how people and processes integrate together; whether it be an overall plant/warehouse layout or a single workstation. With infrastructure being a significant overhead cost, it is essential to maximize capacity. A key first step relative to facility planning is to understand current capacity as well as the necessary capacity to support the organization's future growth plans. Increasing capacity may come through the addition of more physical assets or it may come through the elimination of non-value added activities within processes. The capacity plan should lead the layout design. The Capacity & Facility Planning stream is intended to support organizations as they navigate their way through growth, process design, and space requirements.