Welcome to the Duha Center of Excellence

About Us

The Duha Operating System was established in 2001 and was designed to link the day-to-day activities within the Duha Group supply chain to a Continuous Improvement focused environment. The Duha Operating System encourages its employees to use a system-specific tool to improve and eliminate waste. This philosophy extends to our businesses in eight countries as well as our many suppliers and customers within our value stream.

Utilizing our shared vision of “One improvement every day in every department through teamwork and communication”, we have implemented over 35,000 opportunities and will never be content in our pursuit of excellence.

From this internal initiative the Duha Center of Excellence System (DCOE), was introduced in 2006 in response to increased external demand from businesses seeking assistance in their Continuous Improvement strategies.

Since then, the DCOE has been fortunate to successfully partner and support over 160 companies across all industries, sharing best practices and supporting their journey.

We encourage all businesses, regardless of approach, to engage and empower their employees on a journey of excellence.


What we do
We partner with businesses across all industries to assist in identifying pain points within their business to drive accelerated effective execution. Our methods will result in measurable change in the business through full team integration and accountability.  We believe effective and visual communication throughout an organization is fundamental in driving results and full employee engagement.

Continuous Improvement
Continuously driving change within the business by focusing on the value added areas in your business will help ensure resources are being utilized effectively. Through effective analysis and team communication you can drive focus and results through effective team brainstorming and accelerated implementation.

 Leadership Development
People are the driving force in almost any business. Investing in your leaders in all areas of the business will result in better team engagement, retention and ownership. Team member on-boarding will be faster and more effective with less impact to production.

Supply Chain Management
The stability of an organization's supply chain is highly dependent on the strength of the organization's processes. Effective supply chain management focuses on developing, defining, and implementing processes effectively - as well as improving existing processes as a collaborative team.

Safety Planning
What is more important than the safety of your staff? Creating an effective and proactive safety culture involves engaging the entire team. Providing your team the right safety knowledge will lead to a shift in mind set and ultimately a reduction in safety incidents.

Strategic Execution
Having a clear understanding of where you want your organization to go long term is essential and not always easy to communicate. Achieving those long term goals will involve milestones that must be met and understanding what needs to be achieved in 90-day increments. Strategic planning will focus on the organization's Vision, Plan, critical gaps, the necessary rhythms, and providing a layer of accountability to execution.  

Capacity & Facility Planning
The physical arrangement of work dictates how people and processes integrate together; whether it is an overall plant/warehouse layout or a single workstation. With infrastructure being a significant overhead cost, it is essential to maximize capacity. Capacity & Facility Planning is intended to support organizations as they navigate their way through growth, process design, and space requirements.