Leadership Engagement and Development Program


Leadership Engagement and Development Program

Duha Centre of Excellence will be providing training for managers and front-line leaders on the concepts and training requirements necessary to support the participating company’s recruitment, retention, and employee development.

This program is also designed to elevate the level of engagement within the company, so that employees' feedback can be used to improve efficiencies and overall productivity.

Training will be provided in-person and assessment will be a combination of written tests and instructors observing trainees in actual work situations.

1. Understanding the employee/manager relationship – 4 weeks
a) Common challenges
b) Mitigating strategies to challenges
c) Connecting with employees
d) Helping employees see meaning in their work
e) Helping employees see their impact on the company
f) Helping employees know their work is appreciated

2. Communication — 4 weeks
a) The keys to strong communication
b) Signs of ineffective communication
c) Creating an inclusive environment for new and existing employees
d) How to communicate as a listener while building a trusting relationship with your staff
e) Increasing the quality of communication with employees resulting in improved retention
f) Developing an employee communications system

3. Developing leaders — 4 weeks
a) Types of leaders
b) Finding your leadership style
c) Solving manager/employee conflict
d) Supporting your team: Let Go and Trust
e) How to be a hands-on mentor and assessor
f) Delegating effectively
g) Repetitive task management
h) The importance of leading by example to get buy-in from staff

4. Feedback — 4 weeks
a) Using feedback mechanisms in developing culture
b) Acting on feedback while supporting staff
c) Sharing feedback effectively
d) Efficient and effective ways of performing employee touch points and share back S+sessions
e) The importance of positive feedback
f) Reporting and analyzing feedback
g) Developing effective next steps following negative feedback

5. Recruitment/Training — 4 weeks
a) Human Resource opportunity identification training using Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
b) Respect in the workplace and core competency learning modules
c) On and off-boarding training strategies
d) Recruitment strategies
e) Orientation strategies

6. Accountability — 4 weeks
a) Keys to an accountable employee and manager relationship
b) Common challenges when achieving accountability
c) Building a culture of ownership within every employee through communication and training
d) Developing a system for two-way commitments between sponsors and their staff
e) Implementing management techniques to improve communication and drive productivity by using
visual communication tools and KPI’s.