Passport to World Excellence System

As a Learning Organization first and a Manufacturer second, The Duha Group has developed their very own Passport to World Excellence Program that lets all staff participate in various Continuous Improvement exercises that are linked to the different “Belt Levels” listed below. 

Module 2 of the Transformation Champion Course goes in depth in to the details of launching a Passport to World Excellence in any organization.

White Belt

Through “Lunch and Learn” format training sessions, the White Belt primarily focuses on improving facility-wide communication and allowing staff from different areas to network. In addition, the different White Belt categories allow teams of employees to understand the basic concepts and terminologies specific to the subject. These subjects fall under 6 main categories: Health & Safety, Human Resources, Lean Thinking, Product Knowledge, Quality Assurance and Sustainability (Environmental). All employees are also encouraged to lead a Lunch and Learn session on a topic that they feel will give value to their peers. 

Yellow Belt

At this level employees work in teams that focus more on principle than theory with respect to the tools they are being taught and the results coming from these events. Participants learn how to: plan a Kaizen Event, improve their presentation skills, participate in value stream map (VSM) and Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats (SWOT) sessions as well as run LEAN simulations.

Green Belt

This level of training focuses more on the “train the trainer” concept where participants actually design their own Lunch and Learn, teach White Belt Level L&L’s, participate in full Turbo and Special Interest Group Kaizen Events, while presenting actual results, as well as lead Lean Implementation level courses to their peers.

Black Belt

At this level the participants are expected to champion various events such as Turbo and SIG Kaizens from start to finish, lead Value Stream Maps and SWOT events with team focus being on implementing improvement back into the work place.  


All activities are recorded on the employees individual Passport which resides in our Passport to World Excellence Center.