Performance Management Leader Training Program



    Take the Leadership team (supervisors & managers) through a training program that will allow them to be self sufficient in leading their teams to success. Ensure they understand how best to support their team and align to the needs of the business.

    Align the skills and abilities within the leadership team to the organizations process stream while identifying gaps and setting strategies around these.

    Develop a Leader Standard Communication System that encourages a no blame environment where all employees share ideas and action can be taken in real time to drive optimum production performance.

    Promote standard work within the Leadership team to build consistency, eliminate quality issues and drive increased throughput within the supply chain.

    Through an Employee Up approach, empower 100% of the staff at all levels to engage through an aligned leadership approach.

    Enhance the alignment of your organizations supply chain (Suppliers & Customers)



        Each Leadership team will be introduced to and trained in the modules listed below (based on the business organizational chart there may need to be multiple teams – rotating throughout the week or weeks)

        It is estimated that each module will involve a minimum of 40 hours of blended theory and hands-on training. (240 overall hours of hands-on training and application)
        1. Fundamentals of Leadership    
        2. Communication Skills    
        3. Processing & Project Management    
        4. Organizational Behaviour (Culture)    
        5. Leadership Safety    
        6. Human Resource Essentials for Leaders



        Performance Instruction and Process Execution • Supervisors will be able to train inexperienced workers faster. Job tasks will be broken down into clearly defined steps, showing the procedures while explaining the key points and the reasons for the key points.

        Performance Methods and Approach • Supervisors will be able to objectively evaluate the efficiency of themselves as well as their staff to methodically evaluate and suggest improvements to their leaders. • They will be able to analyze current work processes for efficiency by asking a series of pointed questions. If they identify that some step(s) can be done more efficiently by; eliminating, combining, rearranging, or simplifying, they will apply the new method to drive improved safety, quality, quantity, and cost, while standardizing the new method.

        Performance Relations and Coaching • Each supervisor will be able to lead workers effectively and fairly. When supervisors understand the importance of treating people as individuals, they will create a true team that will drive increased morale, culture and performance.

        Performance Safety and Compliance • Each leader will understand their responsibilities to provide a safe workplace and be able to act in the best interest of their employees and themselves. With safety being one of their primary responsibilities in the workplace, leaders will ensure this is present in every decision they make and share this focus with their staff.


        Program Details

        245 Training Hours
        Program will included all training materials and tools needed
        Travel and Expenses not included
        25% rebate available on future tool purchases
        Contact for a quote on pricing