Visual Communication Systems Workshop


This program is designed to train senior management to improve productivity and ensure there is a clear understanding of the concepts and training requirements to sustain and continue to empower these techniques across the organization. The program is focused around the installation of tools, techniques and processes that the management team will develop to engage their staff and improve productivity once the program is completed. Communication skills will be transformed at each stage of the training allowing management to better engage and transfer ownership to their staff.



This program offers these training takeaways from a managerial view point:
  • How to minimize non-value added activities within the organization’s using Value Stream Mapping.
  • Foundational Awareness of 6 S and the 9 Waste Principles
  • How to use Visual Communication to improve ownership, accountability and productivity
  • The power of creating a No Blame environment to improve productivity
  • How to engage daily effective communication across the organization to improve productivity
  • Organizational CI Client Passport and Productivity roadmap
  • Experience the benefits of supporting your Team - Let Go and Trust
  • Gain a basic understanding of the 6 S and 9 Waste principles to eliminate non-value added activities and improve productivity across the organization.
  • Implement Visual Management tools to improve productivity and Visual Communication tools to improve communication (i.e. daily standard huddle). This will allow senior management to engage in more productive and value added activities in the organization.
  • Senior management will be trained on Value Stream Mapping to identify non-value added activities in the organization. Non-Value added activities will drive productivity improvements and use an Opportunity Implementation Center to prioritize actions.



    • Delivery Options: In Person or Virtual sessions                  • Tools and Materials are provided
    • Travel & Expenses not included                                          • 20 hrs Hands on Training (see attached) • Participation of various managers will be required       
    • Potentially qualifies under government training grants
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