Premium Black Belt Transformation Program

$110,000.00 CAD

Transformation Black Belt Program

 What differentiates us from other trainers / consultants is it is not our intention or desire to be ingrained in your long term Continuous Improvement strategy but rather develop your team around your current strategies to take 100% ownership going forward.  We will assist in reinforcing the foundation around your culture and principles where your internal Transformation Champions will in turn train your staff – resulting in a peer to peer transformation approach that will build a sustained foundation for the future.

We have divided this overview into 5 Belt Levels to help with time management around resource balancing. This allows for proper time between modules for in house practice and an opportunity for executive realignment at each critical stage.

Please note it will be imperative that the DCOE Coaches work with your leadership team in determining the right change agents for this program which will include ensuring those on the team will get the support required to fulfil their obligations in creating a sustainable Continuous Improvement Center of Excellence within your organization. Senior Sponsors (managers/supervisors) will need to play a hands-on role in supporting the transformation team throughout the process.

 The timelines and training structures below is designed to be both effective from a learning bandwidth as well as flexible to business logistics, consideration of customer demand and other general scheduling requirements.  

 The program is designed to train your Transformation Champions while tackling “real” strategic business opportunities giving results directly back into the business in real time.

 Program length varies bases on business activity and strategy – Programs can run between 8-24 months effectively.

 Examples of Strategic Business Opportunities that may be addressed through Kaizen are: (subject to business strategies)

 Continuous Improvement Cultural Alignment through 6-S and 9 Waste Systems

  • Logistics Process Flow Improvement (Office, Service and Facility)
  • Inventory / Procurement Systems Management
  • Continuous Improvement Office – Paper and Information Flow
  • Mistake Proofing System Installations
  • Standard Work Implementation System
  • Visual Management and Communication Systems
  • Total Productive Maintenance and Repetitive Task Management Systems
  • Organizational Value Stream Core Key Performance Indicator System
  • Continuous Improvement Steering Committee Program
  • Organizational Center of Excellence Passport Program


If you elect to sign on for this program the total cost for this Transformation Course Program is $103,000 for Instructional Fees with $9,500 for Textbooks, Templates and Training Resources - included in this price you will receive an additional $30,650 in Continuous Improvement tools and materials. (*see - program cost / value comparison below in Program Summary for further break down)

 Program Content:

Passport Train the Trainer Continuous Improvement Transformation Program – 12 Person (320 Hours of hands on training and coaching)

 Level 1 - White Belt Trainer Awareness Certification

Site facility review and strategy alignment

  • DCOE site visit by Leaders and Executives
  • Pre-Event Transformation Champion Team 1st exam / diagnostic exercise and review
  • DCOE site event: CI Cultural Engagement Seminar with Transformation Champions – White Belt Lunch and Learn, Team building Simulations, Visual Factory Tour, Live Huddle
  • Basics of Foundational Training – Simulation, Transformation Passport, Strategy – on site
  • 9 Waste Workshop Simulation
  • 6-S Workshop and Simulation (Sort Kit)
  • Communication Training – Lunch and Learn & Presentation Training – on site
  • Post Level Executive Strategy – discuss Level #1 results and confirm Level #2 strategy

Total of 36 Hours


Level 2 - Yellow Belt Train the Trainer Certification - All On Site

  • SWOT Analysis training and live exercise – includes two SWOT System
  • Standardized Work Simulation – Repetitive Task Management and Visual Standard Operating Procedures
  • Flow Analysis System – Includes two Spaghetti Diagram Systems
  • Core Key Performance Indicators (Lead and Lag Metrics) – includes KPI Evaluation System
  • Value Stream Map training and live exercise - includes two VSM System
  • Communication Systems – Visual Management Techniques
  • Visual Management Technique Workshop (6-S, Visual Trigger, Kanban, 5-Why Root Analysis System)
  • Turbo Kaizen Implementation System Strategy – includes two 12 Step Turbo Kaizen Kit
  • DCOE to Facilitate Kaizen #1 – Visual Management and Communication applications
  • Transformation Champion Team exam / diagnostic exercise and review
  • Yellow Belt Assessment – Team, Individual & 2nd Exam, Analysis Study & Diagnostic
  • Post Level Executive Strategy planning session – discuss Level #2 results and confirm Level #3 Strategy

                Total of 72 Hours

  Level #3 Green Belt – Train the Trainer CI CO-Champions Focus

  • Presentation & Facilitation Training (Passport Exercise)
  • DCOE and Co- Champion Train the Trainer White Belt Lunch and Learns with Staff
  • Planning for Change – Return on Investment Strategies
  • Visual Communication Overview and Development Simulation (Visual Assist Photograph exercise)
  • DCOE and Co-Champion Turbo Kaizen #2 (Employee Passport & White Belt focus)
  • DCOE and Co-Champion Turbo Kaizen #3
  • Green Belt Assessment – Team, Individual & 3nd Exam, Analysis & Diagnostic
  • Post Level Strategy planning session – discuss Level #3 results and confirm Level #4 Strategy

Total of 80 Hours

Level #4 Black Belt – Train the Trainer CI Champions Focus

  • Continuous Improvement Sustainability review – CISC, Organization Belt Program (Passport)
  • Champion - Support Turbo Kaizen #4, #5 & #6 with CI Champions
  • CISC Team diagnostic exercise and review
  • Chairing of monthly CISC Events for the next three months
  • Black Belt Assessment – Team, Individual & 4th Exam, Analysis Study & Diagnostic
  • Post Level Strategy planning session – discuss Level #4 results and future strategy

       Total of 100 Hours

Level #5 Continuous Improvement Steering Committee – DCOE Hand – Off Business Sustainability Strategy Alignment

  • DCOE monthly touch points for 90 days (off-site)
  • Post Level Strategy planning session – discuss Level #5 results and set future strategy
  • Complete Exam, Analysis Study and Diagnostic review and report out performed with Participants and Management Total of 32 Hours

Program Summary:

Tentative Logistics /Scheduling:

  • 10 Site Visits
  • 1 Optional Duha visits for the Transformation Team
  • 30 Full Days (3 Day intervals every 3-4 weeks)
  • Weekly Team Touch Points
  • 10 Month Program
  • 90 Days of Continuous Improvement Steering Committee and Program Follow Up

Additional Notes / Considerations:

  • There will be a requirement for approximately 20-30 hours of workplace follow up by the Transformation Champions to apply the learned knowledge in their work environment.
  • Transformation Champions will develop and follow implementation charters that will be used for feedback results in the Post Level Strategy sessions with the Executive.
  • Regardless of how many Black Belt instructors Duha Center of Excellence provides at events – hourly rates will not increase.
  • Program includes the print and supply of individual employee Passports (examples supplied at initial meeting)
  • Complete program enrolment includes TWO complete Duha Transformation Champion Systems (Valued at $30,650).
  • Other tools as required from DCOE for Kaizen installations and team systems will be sold at a 30% discount for full program enrolment based on current website rates.

*Program Cost / Value Comparison Breakdown

(Note: the $ evaluations below do not consider the many other employees who will be trained due to the structure of this program) 

  • Total cost for this program $103,000 (Instructional) + $9,500 (training Supplies and resources)
  • Based on 10 participants the average cost per person to gain White, Yellow, Green and Black Belt Levels will be $11,000 per person
  • $81,850 after consideration of Tools, Systems and Training Modules supplied valued at $30,650
  • $5,457 per person when factoring the Tools, Systems and Training Modules offered in this program.
  • $1,800 per person if successful in applying the Government Grant (66% rebate)
  • A comparison of $18,000 per employee for similar Local / Canadian programs offered as only “individual” focused training with no tools, systems, training modules or Center of Excellence Passport Program (*based on our information at the time of preparing this proposal).
  • The DCOE Program includes custom branded tools, training templates and Passports which other comparable programs do not.
  • *Travel and Expenses are extra at cost.


Also included within your proposed program:

  • A strategy where we will engage and recognize 100’s of other employees throughout the Transformation Champion program through White and Yellow belt training and tracking of their participation allows them to earn levels of belt credits related to the training events.
  • Two complete sets of additional branded training tools with a $30,600 value.
  • All training materials including access to over 25 Lunch and Learn modules.
  • 15 Continuous Improvement Strategic Training Modules (2 – 8 Hours plus per module)
  • Customized Transformation Champion Passports.
  • Customized Employee Participant Passports to assist in ongoing trainings and sustainability of your Center of Excellence Program.
  • Ongoing Continuous Improvement Steering Committee support for up to 3 months

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