038 Advanced 5 Why Tool (DCOE84)

$260.00 CAD

An excellent tool for working through the Cause and Effect to find the root cause of a opportunity. By repeatedly asking Why 5 times, we avoid not solving the actual problem.  

The primary benefit of this process is to dig deeper as a team, to find the root cause of a Opportunity. 

The secondary benefit of this process is to create team alignment and opportunity generation that will lead to implementation.


  •  36" x 24" Mylar
  • Mounting Materials
  • Dry Erase Markers and Stickies

The material used to produce this mylar is a crystal clear Polyethylene Substrate which allows the use of dry erase markers, can be easily stored or transported rolled up in a tube and has great adhesive characters for the use of sticky notes.

Note: Customer branding included on all tools, where applicable. Tools may differ slightly from photo shown here.

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