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Level 1 Continuous Improvement Awareness Program (20 hours)

Level 1 Continuous Improvement Awareness Program (20 hours)

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  • Introduce your team to Standard Continuous Improvement techniques
  • Reflect on the basics of your organizations Value Stream
  • Develop a Standard Communication System that encourages a no blame environment where all employees share ideas
  • Promote a standard process of identifying opportunities and making changes within your facility (6-S and 9 Waste basics)
  • Empower staff at all levels to engage in your continuous improvement strategy
  • Improve the alignment of your organizations supply chain


  • Perform a Continuous Improvement current state analysis
  • Build a high level Value Stream Map of the organization
  • Install and train on a Daily Communication (Huddle) System
  • Learn the basics around 6-S (The value of being organized)
  • Introduce the 9 Wastes through a Walk of Opportunity of your facility
  • Weekly training touchpoints between DCOE and your team
  • Develop your future state implementation plan


  • Identify opportunities and implement improvements in your working environment
  • Increase communication and team work opportunities within the your areas
  • Experience time and cost savings of small changes
  • Realize the value of positive change through team alignment
  • Receive a Passport roadmap for your ongoing Continuous Improvement journey


    Total hands on Hours: 20

    Tools Included in Course (Custom Branded) Value $3200

    • 1 Value Stream Mapping System
    • 1 Kaizen Implementation System
    • 1 Visual Communication System
    • 1 Set of 6 –S Posters
    • 1 Set of 9 Waste Posters

    Program maximum is 30 people.


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