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Productivity Improvement Courses

Productivity Improvement Courses

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Visual Management Systems Hands on Implementation

Identification - Engagement - Ownership

These courses are designed to train your Transformation Champions while tackling “real” strategic business opportunities giving results directly back into the business in real time.

 Examples of Deliveries around Strategic Business Opportunities that will be addressed are:

  •  Continuous Improvement Cultural Alignment through 6-S and 9 Waste Systems
  • Logistics Process Flow Improvement (Office and Shop)
  • Inventory / Procurement Systems Management
  • Continuous Improvement Office – Paper and Information Flow
  • Mistake Proofing System Installations
  • Standard Work Implementation System
  • Visual Management and Communication Systems
  • Total Productive Maintenance and Repetitive Task Management Systems
  • Organizational Value Stream Core Key Performance Indicator System
  • Continuous Improvement Steering Committee Program
  • Organizational Center of Excellence Passport Program

Time Frame - 6 Months


Estimated training costs will include 8 employees at a cost of $5,969 per participant.

 Program Focus – Who Should Participate and Why

This program is designed for managerial level training to ensure there is a clear understanding of the concepts and training requirements to sustain and continue to training employees on the techniques and lessons trained. The program is focused around installation of tools and techniques where the management team will develop tools and processes to engage their staff once the program is completed. A focus of leadership skills will be transformed at each stage of the training allowing management to better engage and sponsor ownership to their staff.

This program offers these training takeaways from a managerial view point:

  •  The purpose need to support your Team - Let Go and Trust
  • How to be a hands on Mentor, Coach and Assessor
  • Become a feedback mechanism in developing Culture
  • How to be a Mentor and Coach to your employees
  • How to act on feedback – while supporting your staff
  • The importance of showing by example to get by in from your staff

 Course Outline

One of the most harmful wastes experienced in any production or service oriented business is the underutilization of the skills of their employees. By not allowing or tapping into the employees inputs, this takes away from our biggest assets and opportunities that will drive the business forward. Through the basic use of Continuous Improvement processes that allow employee ownership and engagement at all levels you will realize benefits from cost saving initiatives to finding more bandwidth within your workforce. From freeing up the resources of managerial levels to focus on organizational growth while handing the operational level to the employee to improve daily activities this program is designed to give ownership to all employees and their areas of focus. By aligning principles of standard work techniques such as Visual Repetitive Task Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Visual Standard Operating Procedures and Value Stream Mapping that flow into a Continuous Improvement Visual Communications Systems ensures that all your business processes are simplified and driving value for all stakeholders. This course focuses on the training the basics of understanding and using the principle of the 6-S’s and the 9 Wastes daily, while implementing strategic change in manageable bites through behaviour change management.

 Course Objectives

  • Participant will gain a working knowledge and sustainability of how 6S can be used to eliminate non-value added activities worker frustration and improve worker productivity.
  • Training will be focused on Implementing Visual Management Tools to improve worker productivity by using visual communication tools to improve communication of information (i.e. indicate optimal running conditions, temperatures etc.). This will empower new and young staff to be more productive and efficient in the operation.
  • Training on building Standard Work Systems using Visual Standard Operating Procedures for repetitive processes so that productivity will be built into each process to ensure workers are performing tasks in an efficient manner.
  • Train on the Implementation a Visual management System to optimize worker productivity by ensuring employee engagement and is occurring at all levels while generating “real opportunities that can be implanted daily.
  • Train on a multiple of tools and techniques will be introduced that will allow the staff to develop a strategic roadmap for implementing and sustaining continuous Improvement by the use of a variety of visual management techniques, such as Opportunity Identification Systems and the Daily Visual Communication System.
  • The training will focus on building team strength through training to for sustainable change.
  • The business will end the course with a sustainable Center of Excellence Strategy that they will continue to build upon for years to come.

 Course Focus – Who Should Participate and Why

This course is designed for Transformation Champions to ensure there is a clear understanding of the concepts and training requirements around Continuous Improvement.

The course is focused around the training on techniques where the Transformation Champions will develop strategies with staff to ensure all employees understand the importance of what efficiencies can be realized in their areas if properly trained. A focus of leadership skills will be transformed at each stage of the training allowing the Transformation Champions to implement change into the business.

Course Overview

Continuous Improvement Transformation Passport Program – 8 Person Program

(210 Hrs. per participant over a 6 Month Period)


Passport Train the Trainer CI CO-Champions Focus - All Kaizen Events

White Belt: Co-Champion Train the Trainer White Belt Transformation Training

Process and Objectives

  • CI Cultural Engagement Training
  • Team Building Training
  • Visual Factory Training
  • Basics of Foundational Training
  • Transformation Passport, Training
  • 9 Waste Application Training
  • Communication Training
  • Turbo Kaizen Implementation System Strategy
  • Diagnostic & Evaluation

Total of 80 Hours

 Passport Train the Trainer CI Champions Focus - All Kaizen Events

Yellow Belt: Co-Champion Train the Trainer White Belt Transformation Training

Process and Objectives

  • SWOT Analysis training and live exercise – includes two SWOT System
  • Standardized Work Simulation training – incudes two Spaghetti Diagram System
  • Core Key Performance Indicators (Lead and Lag Metrics) training – includes KPI Evaluation System
  • Value Stream Map training and live exercise - includes two VSM System
  • Planning for Change – Return on Investment Strategies
  • 6-S Workshop Training and Simulation (Sort Kit)
  • Visual Management Training & Technique Workshop (6-S, Visual Trigger, Andon and Repetitive task management)
  • Presentation & Facilitation Training (Passport Exercise)
  • Kaizen Facilitation Training - Kaizen #1
  • Diagnostic & Evaluation

Total of 90 Hours


Passport Continuous Improvement Kaizen Training

Green & Black Belt: Champion Train the Trainer Transformation Training

Process and Objectives

  • White Belt Modules Training
  • Yellow Belt Modules Training
  • Green Belt Modules Training
  • Black Belt Modules Training
  • Kaizen Facilitation Training - Kaizen #2
  • Diagnostic & Evaluation

Total of 40 Hours

Travel and Expense (may change due to location)


  • 26 Days of Accommodations @ $130 per night = $3380
  • 10 Flights @ $300 per round trip = $3000 (*cost sharing of flights may reduce this further due to other business in Edmonton, Alberta)
  • 26 Days of misc. costs @ $50 per day = $1300
  • Total Travel and Expenses $9230

    Note: Scheduling strategies are taken to reduce cost through bundling (sharing) of Travel and Expenses where alignment allows.

    Training Schedule (flexibility based on client demand and resources to meet customer demand)

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