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Continuous Improvement Cultural Engagement Seminar

Continuous Improvement Cultural Engagement Seminar

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Course Description

This seminar will give participants the opportunity to experience the Duha Operating System and view Continuous Improvement (CI) initiatives in both the shop floor and office environment. Through classroom training and an extensive hands-on tour of the facility, participants will gain an appreciation for the four fundamental strategies the Duha Group uses. Participants will have a better understanding of where their own organization needs to focus in order to achieve the cultural awareness necessary for a successful CI journey.


All participants will be asked to complete a CI Diagnostic that will identify where they as individuals feel themselves and their company are on their CI journey.


Seminar Objectives

  • Understand how an Internal Continuous Improvement belt program can enhance business growth without being disruptive to daily business needs.
  • Learn how visual communication systems can be used to promote ownership and engagement at all levels.
  • Attend a live huddle to fully understand how the communication system links all departments through one common vision; “One improvement everyday through teamwork and communication”, resulting in the implementation of over 38,000 completed ideas.
  • Experience how the Duha communication system has connected the Continuous Improvement culture across various departments and facilities around the world.
  • Learn from the hits and misses experienced during our 19 year Continuous Improvement program and ‘Steal with Pride’ to avoid making the same mistakes!


Participants will receive:
  • Their own passport to world excellence road map.
  • A copy of the Duha Buzz, our international Continuous Improvement implementation newsletter.
  • A copy of our Continuous Improvement reward and recognition program manual, otherwise known as our ‘ChIP’s’ program.
  • A Duha prioritization planner
  • The opportunity to network with Duha Center of Excellence trainers, Duha Group employees from around the world, and members of other companies at various stages of their Continuous Improvement journey

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