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018 Advanced Visual Total Productive Maintenance System (DCOE9)

018 Advanced Visual Total Productive Maintenance System (DCOE9)

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We find a common challenge that most organizations face is a lack of regular maintenance of their equipment, resulting in costly machine downtime, productivity loss and expensive repairs.

Visual Total Productive Maintenance Centers drive ownership and accountability using a structured format. 

The teams improve equipment uptime, reducing unexpected costs by using Standard Operating Procedures.

The primary benefit of this process is employees are better engaged while becoming problem solvers.

Other benefits include the learning of new skills and safety awareness through better understanding of equipment and processes.


  • 36" x 54" Mylar
  • Mounting Materials
  • Implementation Tools

The material used to produced this system is a crystal clear Polyethylene substrate which allows the use of dry erase markers, easily stores or transports in a rolled up format and has great adhesive characters for the use of sticky notes. 


Note: Customer branding included on all tools, where applicable. Tools may differ slightly from photo shown here.

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