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Duha Center of Excellence

Winnipeg DCOE Information Event

Winnipeg DCOE Information Event

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Come hear how the Duha Group created a culture of Continuous Improvement and became a learning organization. This culture has allowed them to create a system of training and tools to implement Continuous Improvement across Duha business units in 7 countries. We have been fortunate to share this culture with over 150 external companies spanning many industries.

This free two and a half hour information seminar will give participants an introduction to the Duha Center of Excellence, focusing on their Continuous Improvement journey. The Duha Center of Excellence system will demonstrate how organizations can accelerate their CI strategy and culture through employee engagement at all levels.

This event is best suited for leaders looking to better utilize in-house resources to drive productivity.

Session Objectives

  • Network with certified coaches and other organizations that are looking to start or are already on a Continuous Improvement Journey.
  • Share Duha’s milestones and timeline for implementing a Continuous Improvement culture.
  • Discover how an internal Continuous Improvement Belt Program can improve your business growth without being disruptive to daily requirements.
  • Understand how the Duha Huddle System has linked all departments to one common vision of ‘One Improvement Everyday Through Teamwork and Communication’ - resulting in the implementation of over 40,000 ideas.
  • Learn how Visual Communication Systems are used to promote ownership and engagement at all levels.
  • Participate in a simulation that will demonstrate the effectiveness of visual communication.
  • Understand how the Duha Group ‘Passport Program’ drives employee development in a sustainable manner.
  • Understand Duha’s reward and recognition system for encouraging employee participation in a mutually beneficial program.

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